Job Information Orthopedic Surgeon NGO Information Job Information
Contract Duration 6 Months
Governorate Nineveh
Job Shift
Nationality National
Working Hours Part Time
Posted 2023-03-30
Minimum Education Bachelor Degree
Degree Title Medical Doctor/Orthopedic Surgeon degree
Minimum Experience 2 Year
Required Travel
Job Status
No Of Jobs 1
Published Date 2023-03-30
Deadline Date 2023-04-13
[Mosul,Iraq ]


Main Purpose:

To work as part of a specialized orthopaedic and orthoplastic surgical team, in close cooperation with other orthopaedic and plastic surgeons, providing high-quality pre, intra, and post-operative surgical care to patients with traumatic and post-traumatic pathologies requiring orthopaedic and orthoplastic treatment including basic trauma care as well as limb reconstructive surgery.

Participate in multidisciplinary patient care, respecting the contributions and expertise of all medical and paramedical team members, in accordance with MSF procedures, protocols, and universal hygiene standards in order to improve patients’ quality of life and function.




  • Provide high-quality and comprehensive treatment for patients, according to MSF admission criteria, clinical policies, protocols, standards, and guidelines set by the project and by the MSF referents including but not limited to:
  1. ICRC principles of war surgery for all patients with gunshot and explosive injuries
  2. external and internal fixation
  3. the surgical management of osteomyelitis, including bone biopsy harvest
  4. antibiotic stewardship
  5. pain management
  6. wound care
  7. thromboprophylaxis
  8. infection prevention and control measures
  9. blood transfusion
  10. WHO safe surgical checklists



  • Provide assessment, planning, surgical treatment, and follow up care for orthopaedic trauma and limb reconstructive cases, working as part of a cohesive orthoplastic team and seeking input from colleagues as required


  • Maintain an up to date knowledge of orthopaedic surgical practices and principles for the treatment of fractures and orthopaedic infections



  • Apply the MSF admission criteria to all new cases, and seek appropriate validation of exceptions from the MAM, with agreement from the rest of the surgical team


  • Undertake pre-operative consultations, planning the surgical intervention together with orthopaedic and/or plastic surgical colleagues for complex cases, and evaluating the surgical risks with the anaesthetist and/or other medical staff involved
  1. Perform and document a comprehensive history and physical examination, focusing on patient function, and plan interventions appropriately
  2. Document the surgical plan clearly in the patient file
  3. Ensure all required pre-operative investigations and imaging studies are performed and evaluated




  • Actively participate in admission meetings to plan appropriate surgical interventions within a reasonable timeframe for each patient on the waiting list



  • Ensure that the overall management decision for each patient is agreed upon by fellow orthopaedic and plastic surgeons and known by the patient as well as all medical and para-medical members of the multidisciplinary team


  • Fully inform each patient of the planned surgery, the post-operative treatment course, the expected outcomes, and potential complications


  • Carry out planned and urgent/emergent surgical interventions following international standards of surgical care as well as MSF protocols and policies including strict adherence to infection prevention and control measures, swab counts, ensuring appropriate use of surgical equipment and proper OT registry entry/documentation of all OT interventions


  • Supervise and participate in ward rounds, assessing the orthopaedic patient needs and managing problems ac-cordingly. Ensure all team members are informed regarding the patient status and progress as well as the future surgical plan


  • Through direct communication and written referrals, provide a comprehensive, appropriately detailed physiotherapy prescription for each patient, updating the recommendations as required during the patient’s treatment course



  • Ensure proper follow up of patients in the OPD
  1. Provide follow-up assessment and evaluation including physical examination, and propose additional treatment for any patients who do not show acceptable progress during their clinical recovery
  2. Follow up all post op complications and refer accordingly to surgical colleagues/technical referent on how to best manage these complications following MSF protocols, standards and procedures



  • Participate in meticulous record-keeping including consultation notes, OT notes, post-operative orders, and progress notes
  1. Adhere to MSF data confidentiality guidelines


  • Accurately complete pre/perioperative forms for all cases meeting the inclusion criteria for the Surgical Site Infection Surveillance cohort, and participate in quality improvement measures to decrease the risk of surgical site infections
  • Work as a part of a multidisciplinary team, respecting the contributions of all team members
  • Plan, evaluate, and supervise the training of orthopaedic surgical trainees as well as medical and paramedical staff, and foster independence amongst junior surgeons and medical doctors, in order to ensure the best possible treatment of all patients
  • Comply with safety standards in the use of C-arm radiography in the operating room
  • Participate as a learner in medical as well as non-medical trainings provided within MSF
  • Participate in strategic planning discussions for future project directions
  • For surgeons participating in the limb reconstructive surgical activities:
  1. Through self-study, discussion with colleagues, and participation in surgical training opportunities, develop and maintain expertise in limb reconstruction surgery including but not limited to the use of distraction osteogenesis, induced membrane technique, antibiotic cement nail use, deformity correction, ring fixators, and rail fixators.
  • Attend bi-weekly limb reconstruction meetings
  • Assist MD supervisors in maintaining the Limb Reconstruction Surgery databases for all new as well as historic limb reconstruction cases (distraction osteogenesis, masquelet, and antibiotic cement nails)
  • Perform pre-operative planning for all limb lengthening, bone transport, and deformity correction cases. Document the surgical plan clearly in the patient file.
  • Maintain an overview of the surgical needs of all active patients in the limb reconstructive cohort, in order to ensure that patients proceed along their treatment course without delay





MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities


  • Examines, diagnoses, and treats diseases and injuries to the musculoskeletal system accordinly to the admission criteria.
  • Prescribes course of treatment for patients with injuries, trauma or malformations and performs required surgery.
  • Conducts and supervises direct patient care, including some non-surgical treatment options.
  • Interview patients to gather information on their medical history and allergies
  • Diagnose and cure patients suffering from bone and soft tissue infection using MSF guided protocol.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all patient information according MSF chart and guidelines.
  • Respect and follow the MSF protocols and Guidelines.
  • Explain the patient about all the possible outcomes and eventual complications related to his surgery and update families on the progress of treatment as well as steps necessary for recovery.
  • Perform surgical procedures to realign fractured bones/ligaments while adhering to MSF protocols and IPC barrier measures.
  • Prescribe medications and supplements as required by each patient’s medical needs
  • Recommend special diet, hygiene, and exercises necessary to enhance the healing process
  • Work in close collaboration with nurses, Medical doctors, Anesthethists, physiotherapists, Health promoters and Mental Health team In IPD and OPD consultation.
  • Ensure that operating facilities, equipment, and instruments are in good working order and ready when needed for any surgical procedure
  • Maintain accurate record of patient file when encoding the surgical report and treatment process
  • Guide and supervise the activities of medical otho students and residents
  • Consult other healthcare professionals within MSF when needed, including physical therapists
  • Be involved in the work and Hospital activities to create and maintain good, respectful working relationship with other specialists, the Nursing Team, and paramedical and support staff
  • Participate in research projects to develop and improve on existing operating procedures and surgical technique.
  • Because of the nature of the work in MSF contexts, flexibility is required, and any other duties\tasks asked by the supervisor(s) and the manager should be performed in and out of the current workplace.








Responsibilities towards MSF


 Commitment to MSF:

  • Availability for emergencies, in balance with MoH duties
  • Provide necessary medical care for all patients without discrimination of any nature
  • Provides the highest standard of care to all patients, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or political affiliation

General knowledge of MSF:

  • Has a general understanding of the association, its functioning, structure and values (charter).
  • Is aware of MSF objectives and activities in general and in the working context
  • Participates actively in meetings and trainings, both as a learner and as a trainer



  • Recognizes potentially dangerous situations and takes measures to mitigate risk, including but not limited to informing supervisors and security responsible

Cooperation with other departments


  • Is aware of activities of other departments and respect specific rules and procedures.
  • Seeks ways to collaborate with other departments and team members to improve the medical activites

Information source


  • Interprets conversation when necessary.
Qualifications & Preferred Skills


-      Essential: Medical Doctor degree/diploma and Orthopaedic surgeon diploma

-      Desirable: Orthopaedic surgical board certification.





-      Previous experience as orthopaedic surgeon required, previous experience in trauma and/or war surgery preferred

-      MSF experience or in other international organizations is an advantage


-      English required.


How To Apply

If you are confident about your qualifications meeting the requirements, please send your CVs English only to [email protected] and mention the job title  in the subject line “ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON” or drop your application in closed envelope and mention the job title on it “ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON” in the CV box at the MSF OCB Office in East Mosul. 


Deadline for receiving job applications is 13th of April 2023

Only CVs in English are acceptable

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