Job Information Mental Health and Care Practices(MHCP) Programme Manager NGO Information
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Job Information
Contract Duration 12 Months
Governorate Duhok
Job Shift
Nationality National
Working Hours Full Time
Posted 2019-09-22
Maximum Education Master Degree
Degree Title Clinical psychologist
Maximum Experience 5 Year (At least five years of experience with minimum of 2 years of INGO experience in similar context (Field))
Required Travel
Job Status
No Of Jobs 1
Published Date 2019-09-22
Deadline Date 2019-09-30
[Sinjar,Duhok,Iraq ]

ACF International is a global humanitarian organisation committed to ending world hunger and recognized as a leader in the fight against malnutrition. Founded in 1979, ACF delivers programmes, in over 40 countries while committed to respect humanitarian principles as a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and, non-profit organisation. Our mission is to save lives through the prevention, detection, and treatment of malnutrition, especially during and after emergency situations and conflict. ACF intervenes in four main areas: Nutrition, Mental Health & Care Practices; Water, Sanitation & Hygiene; Food Security and Livelihoods; Advocacy and Raising Awareness. ACF is looking for 1 MHCP Program Manager base in Duhok/Sinjar.


Work place:  Duhok/ Sinjar.

Type of contract: Fixed-Term Contract of  12 months.

Monthly Gross Salary: 3,378,745 IQD

Working Hours: Full Time Contract of minimum 40 hours per week up to a maximum of 48 hours per week

Benefits: Monthly Transport Allowance + Monthly Medical Allowance (when probation period passed and confirmed on the position) + 1End of Year Bonus.

Purpose of the position : To identify and implement high quality relevant and innovative Mental Health Care Practices, Gender, and Protection (MHCPGP) interventions in compliance with ACF’s Strategy, ACF and International Standards and national policies. To implement, coordinate and monitor the MHCP component of any cross-sectorial intervention in Kurdistan and Ninewa Governorate (camps and non-camps settlements)


Mission 1: To provide analysis on the strategy and the positioning of the MHCP department

The MHCP programme manager is responsible:

  • Conduct analysis of the humanitarian situation of context and MHCP interventions and of the context of intervention in a continuous, systematic and satisfactory way in its area of intervention
  • Provide regular analysis on information collected internally to the Field Coordinator and the Head of Department
  • Assisting the Field Coordinator on finalizing the strategy over its area of intervention and the sectoral strategy at the national level
  • Implementation of projects consistent with the ACF charter, the ACF strategic framework, the Policies (MHCP and other ACF sectors), positioning documents, the national strategy and other legal texts of the technical ministry/ministries in charge of the sector, the key international documents of the sector (SPHERE, IASC and WHO Standards, etc..)
  • Contribute to Emergency Response Plan (PERP ) over his/her area of intervention
  • Ensure promoting transversal integration of the MHCP sector with the other sectors in collaboration with the Field Coordinator
  • Management of transversal problems in the MHCP responses (HIV, Gender, Disaster risk management, Environment, Disability, etc...)

Examples of tasks:

  • Monitor and analyse the general indicators
  • Monitor and analyse the key ACF indicators in MHCP over the area of intervention
  • Integrate this analysis and monitoring in the APRs each month
  • Appropriate the strategy of the organisation (ACFIN) and of the mission
  • Define the operational orientations to promote in connection with the strategy, the capacity of the mission and identification of the needs of the sector
  • Become familiar with the sectoral orientations of the national strategy and understand the implications over its area of intervention
  • Become familiar with the presence and strategic orientations of the other partners of the zone with a view to improving coordination and efficiency
  • Participate in the mission’s annual strategic exercise
  • Collect, analyse and share relevant information within the context of technical and operational strategy meetings organised by the Department Manager or the Field Coordinator
  • Organise awareness-raising sessions of the framework documents of the MHCP sector

Mission 2: To identify the needs and contribute to the formulation of projects

The MHCP programme manager is responsible:  

  • For identification of MHCP humanitarian needs its area of intervention, including submission of related reports
  • For the appropriate inclusion of the target populations and local and sectoral actors in the identification of the needs and response modalities
  • For participating in the definition of the MHCP programmes
  • For contributing to the writing of the MHCP sections of project proposals

Examples of tasks:

  • Carry out missions of evaluation of the needs (methodology, definition of the tools, training of the teams in the field, management of surveys in the field)
  • Collect secondary data and data feedback from the target populations
  • Analyse the results of the evaluations if necessary
  • Write analysis reports
  • Propose recommendations for the definition of programmes (localization, implementation modalities, context…)
  • Work on definition of the programmes by ensuring the involvement of logistics, administration, other sectors of intervention, partners, etc...
  • Contribute to an intervention proposal (logical framework, letter of intent, narrative, budget, chronogram and supply plan ….) in collaboration with the departments concerned

Mission 3: To ensure the implementation, monitoring and reporting of MHCP projects

The MHCP programme is responsible:

  • For implementation of the MHCP programme(s), consistent with the logical framework of the intervention, the budget, the ACF logistical and administrative procedures
  • For the quality of the programmes implemented in conformity with the technical and management standards of the ACF project
  • For having complete knowledge of his/her project(s), the challenges, the logical framework and the indicators, by having a printed copy of the contractual donor documents, and sharing the information with his/her teams
  • For identification of the technical constraints linked to implementation of his/her projects
  • For the proposal of innovative technical solutions to respond to its constraints
  • For implementation of the technical recommendations in his/her project (Department Manager, Head Office Referent, Experts, Assessors…)
  • For monitoring of his/her programmes, by means of internal APR monitoring tools, his/her regular presence in the field, an updated chronogram, monthly analysis of budgetary monitoring
  • For donor and ACF visibility on the sites of their project
  • For writing within the deadlines of the MHCP parties of external and internal reports to be submitting in connection with the projects
  • For identification and implementation of the safety measures for the teams and the populations (distribution site, community work sites…)

Examples of tasks:

  • Familiarise him/herself with his/her contractual donors documents
  • Train his/her teams in the project’s logical framework, its transversal challenges, etc.
  • Refer to the existing technical guidelines to define the different steps of the projects
  • Develop technical methodologies for implementation of his/her (their) projects, to be submitting for validation to the MHCP Department Manager
  • Implement the project activities with its teams
  • Write a monitoring and evaluation plan and apply it
  • Organise a regular meeting for monitoring of the progress of the activities with the programme team
  • Write the PRA of his/her project every month
  • Participate in the monthly budgetary exercise, ask for it if it is not done.
  • Plan the requirements and resources with the Logistics department and the Finance department
  • Write donor (intermediate and final) reports and reports intended to keep the supervisory auto rites informed
  • Submit within the deadlines reports to his/her hierarchical superior for validation and circulation
  • Identify the risks with the support departments concerned
  • Train the teams
  • Order the necessary material and implementation of sites, personnel and populations

Mission 4: To contribute to the Quality and Accountability processes and assessment of the impact of his/her programme

The MHCP programme manager is responsible:

  • For promoting and contributing to the evaluation of the impact of his/her project (external evaluation)
  • For promoting and contributing to learning and improvement of quality (external evaluation and joint visits)
  • For implementing the complaint mechanisms focusing on the transparency and ethics of projects in particular with assisted populations
  • For carrying out implementation of the Baseline (initial/finale)

Examples of tasks:

  • Contribute to the writing of the TOR (terms of reference= of the external evaluation
  • Support the external assessors
  • Define and put in place joint visits (Programme managers, aid recipients, donors, other partners in the area)
  • Implement recommendations from the internal and external evaluations within the context of a specific work plan (quality project)
  • Implement a complaint mechanism
  • Respond to the target population within the scope of the complaint mechanism
  • Carry out reporting back at the end of the impact evaluation with the target population and the authorities
  • Mandatorily implement an initial baseline survey at the start of the project and a final baseline survey at the end of the project, for all MHCP projects of 1 year or longer, and in an ad hoc way for shorter projects

Mission 5: To participate in coordination and representation and with the ACF partnerships in its area of intervention

The MHCP programme manager is responsible:

  • For coordinating his/her activities with the other sectors and ACF departments for rationalized use of the resources and maximum integration
  • For participation at the request of the Country Director and the Field Coordinator to visits to donors
  • For ACF representation and for undertaking relationships with the partners, the authorities, the agencies of the United Nations and the NGOs in his/her sector in collaboration with the Field Coordinator
  • For the contribution to the process of selection, formalization and strengthening of the capacities of the partners (local NGO, international NGO, International, national and private authorities, etc...)
  • For strengthening the capacities of the partners in MHCP

Examples of Tasks:

  • Participate in and contribute to internal and external coordination
  • Represent ACF in MHCP platforms or work groups or those linked to the sector
  • Identify potential partners
  • Participate in their selection according to the documents of the ACF Partnership policy
  • Prepare with the partners and plan of strengthening of their skills
  • Propose activities of strengthening of the partners
  • Put forward suggestions to his/her Department Manager and write technical articles…

Mission 6: To train and manage his/her teams

The MHCP program manager is responsible:  

  • For the dimensioning and recruitment of his/her team
  • For the management of his/her team (leadership, monitoring, motivation)
  • For the evaluation of his/her teams
  • For the development of the skills of the members of his/her team

Examples of tasks:

  • Define the human resources requirements of his/her activity and the organisation chart of his/her team
  • Participate in the recruitment of his/her teams (writing of job descriptions, conducting interviews and tests...)
  • Organise and manage team meetings as well as individual, regular and exceptional points
  • Draw up and monitor individual action plans for the team members
  • Manage work schedules, distribution and coordination
  • Carry out evaluation interviews of the members of his/her team
  • Provide technical support to the teams
  • Identify the training needs of the team members
  • Devise, organise and manage training sessions
  • Request external support for additional training sessions (HR department, HoD, partners...)
  • Manage team difficulties

Mission 7:  To contribute to capitalization and technical development within his/her sector

The MHCP programme is responsible:

  • For capitalization of the programme data and documentation of the innovations carried out
  • For transmission of the technical and operational knowledge acquired in his/her programme
  • For contributing to the increase in field information to supply ACF communication

Examples of tasks:

  • Produce capitalization reports according to the existing formats
  • Compile all the technical and methodological documents (including lists of aid recipients and distribution etc..) essential for capitalization projects and for audits
  • Write a handover report at the end of his/her mission
  • Carry out compilation of all the documents essential for putting for archiving on computer support to give to his/her manager
  • Undertake a compilation of photos of his/her projects on CD media to give to the communication department during his/her debriefings
  • Contribute to sharing of experience (accounts of mission feedback, narratives, interviews, website….)

Mission 8: Guarantee and ensure the confidentiality of data collected during the MHCP activities of the mission

  • Ensure data confidentiality, ownership of project beneficiaries and ACF
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of clinical interviews / individual or group counselling with the psychologists in charge
Qualifications & Preferred Skills


  • Clinical psychologist or similar experience with expertise in psychosocial sector and humanitarian field experience (minimum 2 years working with international organization)

Professional Experience:

  • At least five years of experience with minimum of 2 years of INGO experience in similar context (Field)
  • Experience working in emergency and IDPs/Refugees is a plus
  • Demonstrated experience and/or personal commitment to promoting gender equity and equality.
  • He/she should have a capacity to work in a complex environment with different levels of coordination.

Technical Skills:

  • Experience in training (Psychological and Psychosocial support, PFA, different kind of activities for distress population, groups’ management, counselling skills) and clinical supervision to individual cases.
  • Behavioural competencies requires are excellent diplomatic, communication, team management and organizational skills.
  • Project cycle management experience

Langage Skills

Fluent in English

Arabic or Kurdish would be an advantage.

How To Apply


Closing Date: September 30th  2019.


Qualified candidates must submit a Cover Letter and a Resume (CV) including 2 professional references and a copy of any relevant Certification/Degree and a copy of National ID and/or Residency Card to

Or you can submit your Documents mentioned above to ACF office in the CV BOX in Duhok or Sinuni.

Please indicate the job reference number: DO/MHCP/180/092019, in the e-mail subject line.

Action Against Hunger encourages female candidates to apply.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we will only contact short-listed candidates for further screening.


Please note that the final candidates will be subjected to security screening and positive references.

For more information, please visit our website:

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