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Contact Name Mahmoud Imad Mohammed
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Contact # 07506369635
Address 1 Dream City
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Location:  [Erbil,Iraq ]
Contact Phone 07506369635

We are Action For Humanity. We provide aid and assistance to people affected by natural and man-made disasters. As an NGO we are guided by our drive to help others, not profit. When emergencies strike, we act to ensure to save lives and protect the vulnerable. When the emergency is over, we stay and help restore lives.

We were founded in 2011 in the UK by a group of doctors whose sole focus was to provide assistance and aid to those devastated by conflict. For over a decade we have built an expertise in responding to humanitarian needs to benefit the most vulnerable people affected by conflict, disasters, and extreme poverty.

We live in a world of war, conflict, and poverty, but we are united by something transcendent: our humanity.

Vision: To become the leading charity combining humanitarian and development approaches in assisting affected people and marginalized communities in fragile contexts and crisis areas worldwide.

Mission: We will mobilize and respond to emergencies and critical needs through joined-up humanitarian and development action, helping affected people and communities survive, recover, and build a better future.